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Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • Premis COMB (3)

    Two IDIAPJGol professionals, 2023 Excellence Award from the Barcelona College of Physicians(COMB)

    Carlen Reyes, family doctor at EAP Sardenya, and Daniel Martínez, doctor at CAP Sant Martí de Provençals, and both researchers from the GREMPAL research group of IDIAPJGol, have been recognized by COMB. 

    Premis comb 2023

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  • Happy Patient Results

    HAPPY PATIENT has improved the correct use of antibiotics curbing antimicrobial resistance in Europe

    More than 400 health professionals have participated in HAPPY PATIENT, one of the most ambitious projects that have been carried out at European level to address the public health problem of antibiotic resistance.

    banner press conference hp

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  • Materiales Jornada EU4Health (3)

    Consult all the materials of the EU4Health Conference that we co-organize with the Carlos III Health Institute

    On November 16, a national meeting took place with the aim of learning about the Joint Actions and Direct Grants of the EU4Health calls. With the participation of the Carlos III Health Institute and the Ministry of Health, we were able to resolve doubts about these calls. In addition, we learned about two successful cases of IDIAPJGol projects.

    EU4Health final

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  • Quality Management System

    We obtained ISO 9001 recertification

    At IDIAPJGol we have passed the certification process of our Quality Management System, based on the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001. After a thorough audit, obtaining the certification shows that we are doing it well: it is a seal of outward appearance and internal pride.

    iso certificacio 2023 iStock Bussarin Rinchumrus

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  • Salut Menstrual (3)

    Our research influences public policies

    The impact of the IDIAPJGol Equity and Menstrual Health study, along with initiatives from activism, have been relevant to the promotion of the measures to be implemented next year to guarantee menstrual equity.

    copa menstrual

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  • Premis recerca ICS (3)

    Rosa Morros (UEM) and Gemma Falguera (USR MetroNord), recognized at the 14th ICS Research Conference

    This year, the Award for Research Career in Primary Care and the Award for Nursing Research Career from the ICS went to two professionals from IDIAPJGol.

    premis recerca ics

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  • Perspectiva género RICAPPS (2)

    Course on the gender perspective in health research

    At the end of October, IDIAPJGol organized an introductory course on the conceptual bases of the gender perspective from a model of social inequalities to health for members of the RICAPPS network.

    curs ricapps

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  • Entrevista Maria Aragón (3)

    “With AI, SIDIAP data can be used to validate risk prediction models and thus work on their implementation in the health system.”

    We spoke with Maria Aragón, SIDIAP coordinator, about the evolution of the platform, its impact on research and the challenges that lie ahead..

    Maria Aragon

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