Research to improve people's health




One of the main objectives of health research is to find solutions that can be transferred to clinical practice, that benefit society and that are financially viable.

The IDIAPJGol invests in transfer and innovation in primary care to increase the efficiency and efficacy of the health system, to respond to the requirements of the health professionals and the patients, to improve patient care and to promote health and quality of life.  

Our aim is to do things differently, better and to add value. In short, to innovate.  We are also open to collaborate with other research bodies.

Do you have an innovative idea?

If you have created or are developing an innovative product and want to know if it’s viable tell us about your proposal. We will evaluate it and will help you design a study to assess the possibility of further development

Download the form of First Communication, fill it in and send it to the address indicated.


 Formulari de primera comunicació Form of First Communication



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The IDIAPJGol is a partner of the Innòbics initiative, a community of innovators born under the auspices of the ICS. The aim is to provide professionals with the virtual platform Innòbics to register and share innovative proposals and to help develop them if they are considered viable.

The community Innòbics provides also a space to share experiences, exchange knowledge and communicate.

We encourage you to participate with your own proposals.