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Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • ISOP (3)

    IDIAPJGol will form part of a new European chapter of ISOP

    The International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP) has approved the creation of a stable group in Spain of this body dedicated to pharmacovigilance. IDIAPJGol will be one of the promoters and will be represented by researcher Felipe Villalobos.


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  • Entrevista a Lars Bjerrum (3)

    Lars Bjerrum: "There are global problems that can only be addressed through international collaboration"

    Danish family doctor, professor at the University of Copenhagen and one of the leading European experts in bacterial resistance, Lars Bjerrum has recently joined the External Scientific Committee of our Institute. Seva was one of the speakers during the IDIAPJGol-ICS Primary Care Research Grant awarding ceremony, in which he discussed the international projection of the IDIAPJGol.


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  • Investigadors a l'estranger (2)

    Learn about the experience of our researchers abroad

    Stays in research centers in other countries are a valuable experience for those of us dedicated to research. An opportunity to learn, to grow personally and professionally, to see other ways of working and to network with top international experts.


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  • Entrevista a Felippe Lazar Neto (3)

    Felippe Lazar Neto: "The IDIAPJGol has opened the doors to Europe for me"

    Once again, IDIAPJGol is an institute that is open to internationalization and that participates in projects with a cross-border impact. We are currently participating in a study on the vaccination of COVID-19 in cancer patients. The researcher behind this study is the oncologist Felippe Lazar Neto, a Brazilian from Sao Paulo who recently visited the institute to work on the data from SIDIAP. We have spoken with Felippe to find out more details about his career, study and about the work he has done here.


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  • Ajuts IDIAP-ICS 22 (3)

    IDIAPJGol and ICS grant grants for research in Primary Care to 23 researchers

    The different calls for grants and scholarships want to increase quality research at the first level of care through the financing of projects, doctoral theses or stays abroad. The award ceremony included presentations and round tables that revealed the international projection of IDIAPJGol and the great impact that research in Primary Care has on citizens.Acte entrega ajuts IDIAPJGol ICS 00

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  • Documental Essencials (3)

    "Essentials" the documentary of complaint about Primary Care with the researcher Antonia Raya

    Last Monday the premiere of the documentary Essentials by Raquel Bonell Barrachina took place at the Filmoteca de Catalunya. It is a day-to-day portrait of three health professionals, witnessing the battle to defend the public system, the dignity of the people who are users and their own. One of the professionals behind the documentary is Antonia Raya, a nurse at CAP Raval and a researcher for IDIAPJGol.fotoEssencials


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  • Programa dels Ajuts ICS-IDIAP (2)

    The most international ICS-IDIAP Jordi Gol Grant Delivery program

    All the staff involved in the IDIAPJGol have marked May 18th in red because it is one of the great annual events that gives meaning to the Institute. A few days ago we informed you about the participation of Lars Bjerrum, a professor at the University of Copenhagen. But today we can already give you the full program of the ICS-IDIAP Aid Delivery Act.foto lars

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  • Premi CAMFiC (3)

    Award to Verònica Torras, family and community medicine resident from the USR Tarragona-Reus, awarded at the CAMFiC Research Conference

    Verònica Torras, a family and community medicine resident who is studying her thesis at the USR Tarragona-Reus, was awarded last May 4 during the CAMFiC Resident Research Conference in Family and Community Medicine. He won the first prize of the call for the study "Indirect effect of the introduction of pn13 in the childhood vaccination calendar, on the incidence of pneumonia from any cause in adults = 50 years in Catalonia".fotopremi

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