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34 research groups of different primary health care areas are certified


Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • Sitges trial results

    The results of the nightlife test in Sitges conclude that there was no transmission of Covid-19

    It is the main conclusion of this clinical study in which about 400 people participated. The conclusions reinforce the confidence of Salud in the reopening of nightlife as a further step in normalization.

    assaig Sitges

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  • ICS research conference

    Research Conference of the Catalan Health Institute 2020-21

    On June 28, 2021, the Valle Hebrón Campus will host the Research Conference of the Catalan Institute of Health 2020-21, in which the ICS Research Awards corresponding to the years 2020 and 2021 will be presented and the current situation will be discussed of the investigation in ICS and the world, and of the investigation in Covid-19.

    jornadarecerca 2020

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    COVID-19 Shows Greater Complications In Youth Than Influenza, Though Fatality Is Rare

    While fatality was fortunately rare, complications including hospitalization, hypoxemia and pneumonia were more frequent in children and adolescents either diagnosed or hospitalized with COVID-19 than with seasonal influenza. Furthermore, labored breathing, loss of smell and gastrointestinal issues were more prevalent symptoms for younger people inflicted with COVID-19 than with influenza.

    Talita Pediatrics

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  • Artículos científicos (2)

    Latest scientific publications

    Check the latest articles in scientific journals of the IDIAPJGol or of our researchers. 

    foto publicacions cientifiques IDIAPJGol 682x376

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  • Citizen Hackt (3)

    The project's Citizen Hackt workshops for seniors begin

    Is everything that is said on social networks legit? Within the framework of the Citizen Hackt project, led by Dr. Pilar Montero from the GRIDAES group, the first free workshops on ICT tools will take place during the months of June and July for people aged 55 to 80 years.

    Citizen Hackt

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  • World Environment Day

    The IDIAPJGol studies the effects of pollution on health

    On June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated and from IDIAPJGol we want to take advantage of this commemoration to highlight our latest studies that link pollution and people's health.

    dia medi ambient

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  • USR Lleida (3)

    Lleida primary care professionals detect unhealthy weight control behaviors among adolescents

    A total of 2,496 adolescents from Lleida have participated in this study led by Mercè Pollina, a nursing professional from the CAP of Bellpuig.

    Merce Pollina

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  • Open Girona

    Open Girona pilot test ends

    The Open Girona studio, led by the coordinator of USR Girona, Rafael Ramos, ended last Friday, May 21, with a concert with a thousand attendees at Salt.

    Obrir Girona Diari de Girona Marc Marti

    Imatge Diari de Girona - Marc Martí

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