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Our research

36 accredited groups do research in different areas of primary health care.


Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • Participació pública en la recerca

    “The most vulnerable groups must be included in the processes of public participation in research”


    A new article published by the team of Constanza Jacques, a researcher at IDIAPJGol, reveals the lack of inclusion of the most vulnerable people in participatory health research studies, despite the increase in the latter.

    FotoNoti PRConstanzaJacques

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  • IMPaCT Cohorte (3)

    Through CIBER, ISCIII promotes a cohort of 200,000 people to study and improve the health of the population

    Josep Basora, director of the IDIAPJGol, represented the Institute at the meeting of the project, which is a basis for implementing, developing and consolidating precision medicine in Spain.

    Impact cohorte

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  • Conveni CAMFiC (3)

    Collaboration agreement with CAMFiC

    On September 21, 2022, the Jordi Gol i Gurina University Institute for Research in Primary Care (IDIAPJGOL) and the Catalan Society of Family and Community Medicine (CAMFiC) have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly develop research activities biomedical and coordinate resources for clinical and epidemiological research,  research with drugs and research in health services, as well as activities for the dissemination and formation of knowledge. 


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  • Nous projectes europeus (3)

    The IDIAPJGol will participate in two new European projects financed

    Recently, the financing of two new European projects with the participation of the Institut has been confirmed. These are the IMAGINE projects, for which IDIAPJGol will be the coordinator of the consortium and the PI will be the researcher Carles Llor; and FLASH, in which the IDIAPJGol will be a clinical partner and in which the coordinator of the USR Catalunya Central, Josep Vidal, will be the representative. 


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  • App Tobbstop (3)

    The Tobbstop app, developed by the TICS-AP research group, is recognized by ITEMAS

    The Tobbstop App has been categorized as “Serious Games”, a type of applications recognized as learning tools, which offer players the opportunity to develop skills and strategies while trying to achieve the objectives of the game, which in Tobbstop is success in the game. smoking cessation.

    Sello calidad ITEMAS 2022

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  • Projecte BEAMER (3)

    The European project BEAMER, in which we participate, launches its Newsletter

    BEAMER is a BEhavioral and Adherence Model for improving quality, health outcomes and cost-Effectiveness of healthcaRe and it is a European project with 28 partners, including IDIAPJGol. The objective is to address the health challenge that patients do not correctly follow the indications for taking both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments.


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  • Organigrama IDIAPJGol (3)

    The IDIAPJGol updates its organization chart

    The University Institute for Research in Primary Health Care Jordi Gol i Gurina (IDIAPJGol) has recently approved its new organization chart, which can be consulted on the website. This new organization chart already contemplates the organizational innovations in the institution, such as the creation of the Innovation Agency or the constitution of the Technical Office.

    organigrama v12 ca

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  • Publicacions científiques (3)

    Check the latest scientific articles from IDIAPJGol

    In this list you will find the most recent publications in IDIAPJGol scientific journals or with the collaboration of our researchers.

    foto publicacions cientifiques IDIAPJGol 682x376

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