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Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • IMAGINE Project #EU4Health (3)

    The European Union seeks to end the inappropriate use of antibiotics in residences with the IMAGINE project

    The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hosted the launch meeting of the new IMAGINE project, financed by the EU4 Health Program of the European Union and coordinated by Carles Llor, researcher at IDIAPJGol, on January 25 and 26.

    IMAGINE Project

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  • Ajuts 'Centra't' (3)

    IDIAPJGol, ICS Catalunya Central and the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation call for the first 'Centra't' grants

    The Centra't program aims to develop talent in the field of Family and Community Medicine in Central Catalonia.accuray AaVTg7jXUew unsplash

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  • Manual de filiació (3)

    IDIAPJGol publishes a new Affiliation Manual

    The objective of this manual is to provide researchers from IDIAPJGol, the ICS and related entities, criteria to properly include the author's affiliation in their various publications. Foto Manual filiacio

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  • Webinar ISAAC (3)

    We present the results of the ISAAC-CAT project

    Did you know that the latest estimates indicate that in 2050 more people will die from the problem of antibiotic resistance than from cancer? And that reducing the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics is the most efficient strategy to reduce resistance? Can improving professional-patient communication skills reduce the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics in Primary Care? And the use of rapid diagnostic techniques such as determination of C-reactive protein?

    webinar isaac

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  • Sessió online 2 fundanet (3)

    It is now possible to consult the recording of the last session on how to use Fundanet

    The second training session on the new IDIAPJGol (Fundanet) management program, which dealt with how to manage purchases, manage vacations, sick leave and permits through the software, was registered for those people who could not attend live.


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  • Articles científics gener 2023 (3)

    Consult the latest scientific articles from IDIAPJGol

    Compilation of the latest publications in scientific journals by our researchers or with their collaboration.arisa chattasa 0LaBRkmH4fM unsplash

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  • Memòria Anual 2021 (3)

    36 research groups and more than 1,300 researchers: you can now consult the 2021 Annual Report

    The Annual Report, which compiles all the data and goals achieved by IDIAPJGol during the year 2021, is now available.IDIAPJGol Annual report

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  • Trombosi i COVID (3)

    IDIAPJGol researchers study the risk of thrombotic events after infection and vaccination against COVID-19

    The study includes data from 2.6 million vaccinated people, 174,000 cases of COVID-19 and 4.5 million people from the general population..

    trombosi i covid

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