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Near half of older adults with heart failure are at risk of malnutrition

A cohort study led by researchers from IDIAPJGol highlights the importance of ensuring good nutrition among these patients

03 Impact of malnutrition on the quality of life in older patients


A study led by Marta Castillo and researchers from the Jordi Gol Primary Care Research Institute (IDIAPJGol) and the Catalan Health Institute (ICS) Central Catalonia highlights that nearly half of older adults with a diagnosis of severe heart failure are at risk of malnutrition, a diagnosis confirmed in 13% of cases.

The work, recently published in the Spanish Clinical Journal, associates malnutrition with poorer quality of life, less self-care capacity, and greater limitation in activities of daily living among these individuals. The study also shows that mortality is significantly higher among patients with malnutrition.

Researchers followed 260 elderly people with advanced heart failure living in Catalonia for two and a half years, who were treated at 22 primary care centers, four acute hospitals, and one geriatric rehabilitation unit.

The study's authors warn that the nutritional status of older adults with advanced heart failure should be systematically addressed in primary care to improve the survival and quality of life of these patients. Researchers also recommend the incorporation of more nutrition experts into primary health care centers.

Article reference

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