25 reasons 


25 reasons to do Research in Primary Care


1. Because most health care in our country is given within Primary Care

2. To answer the large volume of scientific questions that arise in Primary Care

3. To transform and improve clinical practice from scientific evidence

4. Because it allows us to investigate the problems affecting people in real clinical settings

5. Because it allows us to study the parameters of patients over time and thus to accurately determine the outcome of the interventions

6. To empower Assistant Staff

7. To audit procedures and check that primary care protocols and practices are effective and efficient

8. To advance in the knowledge of diseases and identify factors involved in people's health

9. To increase, update and spread knowledge about health prevention and promotion

10. To properly adapt ICT to health and disease processes

11. Because its close, customised, and continuous service makes Primary Care a natural source for research and improvement of quality of life

12. Because Primary Care teams are interdisciplinary and provide an integrated and holistic vision

13. Because it is necessary to investigate diseases that are related to Primary Care, since hospital research cannot be extrapolated

14. To improve the development of the country and the quality of life of its citizens

15. To have a critical vision and thought that brings value to our care activity

16. Because we want to keep learning and improving every day

17. To be up-to-date and innovative in our work 

18. Because improvements in primary care impact on the whole health system and the well-being of the entire population

19. Because we are close to people and the results translate directly into better assistance for people

20. Because it is very clear to us that people's lifestyles and living conditions are crucial in their state of health

21. Because public health research is necessary, and it is in Primary Care that conditions for carrying it out are present

22. To transform the image people have of Primary Care and make society perceive it as an area that evolves, innovates, and contributes new knowledge

23. To create standards of good clinical practice that reduce variability and improve results

24. To find answers to our challenges

25. Because we care for people from when they are born to when they die: our research is an improvement for all stages of life