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We present six epidemiological studies at the #SEEPorto23 congress

Our research in Primary Health Care was one of the protagonists of the annual congress of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE), which this year was held jointly with that of the Portuguese association of this medical specialty. Up to six researchers from the IDIAPJGol presented the results of their studies in Porto. 

SEEPorto23 berta raventos 16x9

Berta Raventós Roca was awarded one of the 10 Best Communications Awards presented by young researchers and Irene López, a new addition to the RWEpi group, also won one of the SEE awards for a work she did last year with our group, in particular it was one of the Best 10 articles published by researchers attending the SEE for the first time.

"Metabolic syndrome components and cancer risk in Catalonia: a large population-based cohort study"
Tomàs López Jiménez

"Patterns of environmental exposures related to residential relocation in Catalonia: a quasi-experimental study"
Andrea Pistillo

"La cronicidad en Cataluña Central con perspectiva de sexo y género: estudio transversal retrospectivo"
Georgina Pujolar Díaz

"Socioeconomic inequalities in vaccine uptake among children and adolescents in Catalonia"
Irene López Sánchez
SEE-CIBER Award for the Best Communications presented by young research staff

"Perspectivas sobre salud y equidad menstrual en hombres de Barcelona: un estudio cualitativo"
Andrea García Egea

"Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on prescription trends of psychotropic medications CO25 COVID-19 IV"
Berta Raventós Roca
SEE-CIBER Award for the Best Communication presented by young research staff