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IDIAPJGol will form part of a new European chapter of ISOP

The International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP) has approved the creation of a stable group in Spain of this body dedicated to pharmacovigilance. IDIAPJGol will be one of the promoters and will be represented by researcher Felipe Villalobos.



The ISoP is a professional, independent and non-profit society, open to anyone interested in the safe and effective use of medicines. Its aim is to promote science and learning in pharmacovigilance, providing better knowledge and understanding about the safe and effective use of medicines, both before and after marketing.

The ISop is organized in "chapters", groups of members of society that are organized territorially to network and share experiences, knowledge and solutions. There are thirteen chapters worldwide, four of them in Europe. Now one more will be added with the collaboration of our Institute, which will work so that pharmacovigilance can continue to grow in Europe and raise society's awareness of a more efficient use of medicines.

The presentation of this new group and its participants will take place next June 1, during the biannual symposium that the ISoP will hold in Leiden (Netherlands). A meeting that will serve to establish their areas of work, the activities to be carried out and who will be the coordinators.