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Learn about the experience of our researchers abroad

Stays in research centers in other countries are a valuable experience for those of us dedicated to research. An opportunity to learn, to grow personally and professionally, to see other ways of working and to network with top international experts.


The IDIAPJGol and the ICS contribute to its funding through the Grants for a Stay at Foreign or State Research Centers, which we have awarded this year in its 18th call.

Below, six of our researchers explain in first person what it was like and what their experience brought them:

Experiences abroad

Tomás López Jimenez. University of Aarhus (Denmark). October to December 2021.

Ester Cots Corominas. Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam (Netherlands). September to December 2021.

Carles Llor Vila. Cardiff (United Kingdom), year 2013. Copenhagen (Denmark), year 2018.

Antonia Raya Tena. National School of Health of Cuba. April 2022.

Marta Zwart Salmerón. University of Oxford (United Kingdom). Year 2013.

Victoria Mailen Arfuch. Karolinska University in Stockholm (Sweden). May 2021 and April 2023.