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"Essentials" the documentary of complaint about Primary Care with the researcher Antonia Raya

Last Monday the premiere of the documentary Essentials by Raquel Bonell Barrachina took place at the Filmoteca de Catalunya. It is a day-to-day portrait of three health professionals, witnessing the battle to defend the public system, the dignity of the people who are users and their own. One of the professionals behind the documentary is Antonia Raya, a nurse at CAP Raval and a researcher for IDIAPJGol.fotoEssencials


Antònia testifies to the struggle of the CAP Raval nurses to be able to carry out their work in conditions in order to be able to give decent care to their patients. From the organization Salut, Drets, Acció they were interested in the vindictive actions of the professionals of this CAP, especially in their fight with the Barcelona City Council to obtain the transfer of the Chapel of Mercy, destined to be a new MACBA equipment, and which will finally be a new primary care center in 2025.

For Antònia Raya, the documentary explains "the work of Primary Care workers and home care workers, about how they support the lives of many people and their struggle to maintain the system and health as something more transversal, which goes beyond the absence of disease". Our researcher is not alone in all these allegations. The documentary also follows Clàudia del Santo i Vilà, a family doctor, and Pilar Nogués Bernal, a member of the SAD (Home Care Service) union.

"Essencials" is a documentary directed by Raquel Bonell Barrachina and produced by the audiovisual cooperative Quepo. It can be seen on TV3's Sense Ficció on June 6. Don't miss it!!