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The most international ICS-IDIAP Jordi Gol Grant Delivery program

All the staff involved in the IDIAPJGol have marked May 18th in red because it is one of the great annual events that gives meaning to the Institute. A few days ago we informed you about the participation of Lars Bjerrum, a professor at the University of Copenhagen. But today we can already give you the full program of the ICS-IDIAP Aid Delivery Act.foto lars

 The event will be held throughout the morning and is intended as an event to highlight the relevance of the IDIAPJGol for citizens, but also as an institute with international projection. We will be welcomed at ten o'clock by Josep Basora, director of the IDIAP Jordi Gol i Gurina and a representative of l'Institut Català de la Salut.

At half past ten, we will enjoy a very special inaugural conference, "The IDIAPJGol through the arts", led by an expert in the world of art, Guillem d'Efak Fullana-Ferré, humanist and historian, and head of community action, public programs and communication of the MNAC (National Museum of Arts of Catalonia).

At eleven o'clock the ICS-IDIAP internal aid delivery ceremony will begin. It will be the territorial managers of ICS who will deliver the aid, included in four categories::

  • Grants to projects.
  • Grants for the completion of a doctorate.
  • Mobility grants.
  • Grants for research intensification.

After the delivery will undoubtedly come one of the most anticipated events: Lars Bjerrum's presentation. Under the name of "International screening of I'DIAPJGol. Role of the institute in European projects", the professor will explain his experience in the various projects where he has collaborated with IDIAPJGol researchers Jordi Gol and Gurina. The talk will highlight the institute's commitment to internationalization and the growing importance of primary care research in Europe.

Once the Danish professor's presentation has finished, the round table Impact of Primary Care research on the public will take place, moderated by Anna Berenguera, Deputy Director of the Research Area, with the IDIAP Social Council . Some of the members who will be part of this council are Sílvia Soler and Cristina Raso, from the Collective of people affected by persistent COVID, and Eva Flo from the Endometriosis Affected Association of Catalonia-Endo&Cat. This group is made up of a series of agents from Civil Society (scientific and professional societies, representatives of the business world, as well as citizens in general) and seeks to align the social perspective of these agents with the actions that we carry out IDIAPJGol's raison d'être is to serve our citizens in a transversal way and for this reason it is necessary to carry out inclusive research, with a focus on innovation and that adds value to the economic and social fabric of our community.

Finally, at half past two, the event will be closed by Josep Basora, director of the institute, encouraging us to continue working to do quality research and with a cross-border perspective.