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Josep Basora participated in the round table Research in Health, a model for the future

Last Tuesday, March 7, a round table took place at the College of Journalists of Catalonia, with the presence of Josep Basora, director of IDIAP Jordi Gol. With the name "Health Research, a model of the future", the event consisted of two round tables moderated by the journalist Guillem Pujol Borràs, director of the Plural Journalism Foundation.

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The first colloquium discussed "Science and clinical care: a shared responsibility". But it was in the second, "From knowledge to assistance: guarantee of a universal right" where Dr. Basora intervened when sharing the experiences of our research institute when it came to guaranteeing our rights universal and quality health.
Dr. Josep Basora emphasized the fact that in 25 years of life, the IDIAP has always been closely assisting the patient and accompanying the medical professionals, with the resolution of doubts, such as the case of the side effects of the COVID -19. For this reason, Basora emphasized the importance of the 35 accredited research groups that cover a large part of primary care in this country.
If you want to hear the statements of Dr. Josep Basora, director of IDIAP Jordi Gol, click here.