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Research group Mental Health Tarragona joins the TECSAM network

The Mental Health Tarragona group of the IDIAPJGol comes into this network, which already adds 33 member groups of 21 Catalan reference institutions.

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The goal of the TECSAM network is to generate internal and external synergies, as well as implement rating and transfer strategies in order to accelerate the arrival in society of the results of group investigations.

The Network Management Committee has evaluated and approved the entry of these new groups into the Network taking into account criteria such as the quality and trajectory of the groups, as well as the fitness in the thematic and specialisation of the TECSAM Network.

The Tarragona Mental Health Group of the IDIAPJGol is coordinated by the researcher Enric Aragonès and aims to research the handling of mental disorders in primary care and, above all, in the most common health problem: depression.