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The training of the new medicine and nursing residents of Lleida begins

The 63 new residents who joined Lleida on May 30 to develop their specialties at the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital, Santa Maria University Hospital and in primary care have begun their training in the different areas.

residents lleida

Last Friday, June 10, the welcoming ceremony for the new residents of Family and Community Medicine and Nursing was held at the CAP Rambla Ferran in Lleida by the Primary Care Research Support Unit of the ICS in Lleida and the foundation IDIAP Jordi Gol i Gurina. A total of 13 residents of Family Medicine and Nursing attended the welcome ceremony, in which Dr. Marta Ortega, coordinator of the USR Lleida, welcomed them and gave them a brief explanation of the operation of the research that they will carry out. carried out over the next few years, the support they will receive, the methodology they will use, as well as the advantages that it will bring them in their work both at the level of experience and at the curricular level.

In this act, the team of the Research Support Unit and their respective tasks were presented. Subsequently, Dr. Josep Montserrat, head of the MFIC Primary Care Teaching Unit at the ICS in Lleida, introduced them to the Teaching Unit. At the same time, the residents in the hospitals received cross-sectional training in patient safety, emergency protocols, washing of hands, computer programs and other relevant issues to join your workplace. Likewise, they have visited the Biomedical Research Institute (IRBLleida) to find out about the research options available to them.