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Recruitment of the study on the characterization of people with persistent Covid-19 is extended

The IDIAP Jordi Gol's pioneering study survey on persistent Covid-19 has exceeded 1,800 people who are receiving follow-up. The aim of the study is to arrive at the maximum number of possible answers in order to have more robust results on how the disease evolves throughout a year.

Covid 19

 The Collective of Affected and Affected by persistent symptoms of Covid-19 has been participating for more than 5 months in a pioneering participatory study where it is intended to create scientific knowledge together with the affected people. For this reason it becomes a study of citizen participation, since it has been from civil society that the need for research has been detected and from where it has been asked to do it.

The survey is part of a study that aims to follow the evolution of persistent Covid-19 symptoms in people at four different times (entry to the study, at 3, 6 and 12 months later). According to the research team itself, the longitudinal factor (follow-up over a year) is one of the main added values ​​of this study over others, since it is not looked at at a specific moment as they are, but rather studies the evolution symptoms and quality of life over time.

Professionals in the IDIAPJGol, the ICS and the Department of Health, together with the Collective of People Affected and Affected by persistent symptoms of Covid-19 in Catalonia , are working on a study that describes the sociodemographic characteristics, symptoms, their evolution over time and the impact on the quality of life of the affected people over 1 year.

Who can participate?

  • Over 18 years
  • Have had symptoms consistent with Covid-19 that have lasted for more than 3 weeks(>21 days) with or without confirmatory diagnostic tests
  • Have not been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for COVID-19
  • Lives in Catalonia
  • Even if you have already overcome the disease, but you were affected and had symptoms lasting more than 21 days

Anyone who meets the requirements can participate in this study through the following link:



According to Anna Berenguera from IDIAP Jordi Gol: "The survey co-created jointly with the group allows people to be monitored for a year. This individual monitoring will help us to see how symptoms evolve and change and how it affects their quality of life of people".

According to the Group of People Affected and Affected by Persistent Symptoms of Covid-19 of Catalonia “ This survey is an opportunity and as a group, we encourage everyone people with persistent symptoms beyond 21 days to participate and collaborate in the research. Research is a window of opportunity for all of us who are still ill. “

We appreciate the participation and effort of all the persistent Covid-19 affected individuals who are responding to the survey and the primary care professionals who are supporting the recruitment to make this study possible.

We have extended the deadline to participate in the survey until June 30, 2021