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The nurses of the Hospital Juan XXIII start the Nurse Prescription

The Department of Health approved Decree 180/2019, of August 27, which authorizes the dispensing of medicines and health products for human use.


Since last March 15, 2021, in a pilot plan of the ICS hospitals, 10 nurses from the Juan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona have begun to prescribe medicines and medical supplies with electronic prescription and their own signature. The Department of Health approved Decree 180/2019, of August 27, which regulates the accreditation procedure of nurses for the exercise of the indication, use and authorization of dispensing medicines and health products for human use , not subject to medical prescription. The nursing prescription is a recognition of the expertise in healing and the relationship of this group with their patients.


Magda March Jardí, one of the prescribing nurses who has started with nurse prescribing, an entity that "represents normalizing a task that will be of benefit to the patient and greater accessibility to health products, since the nurse is the patient's first contact with the health personnel, and also, he is the one who is most in contact with the patient ”.

The requirements to be able to prescribe are: have a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, Diploma in Nursing or Health Technical Assistant or equivalent, and prove a minimum professional experience of one year in one or more jobs or pass a free adaptation course in the case of not having the year worked.


Products subject to medical prescription are pending the development of protocols and clinical practice guidelines by the Comisión Permanente de Farmacia del Consejo Interterritorial del SNS.

The accreditation of the nursing prescription is a great step forward and recognition of the profession. More than 45,000 nurses in Catalonia can indicate and dispense medicines, which do not require a prescription, and medical supplies. This task was already done but required validation by a medical professional.