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Research/Training internships are a good way to develop as a researcher. For that reason, from the IDIAPJGol understands that internships are a very good tool to have contact with the research in a primary care institution at a national and International level. We encourage training with the aim of generating knowledge, disseminating results and transferring them to the clinical practice in order to make the health system more efficient and to promote and improve the people’s health.

The IDIAPJGol admits both individuals interested in doing their PhD or Master’s Dissertation and primary care professionals who would like to work in an interdisciplinary way in research projects to give answer to the Primary and Community Health needs. 


What do we offer?

Types of internships we offer:

  • PhD: You have to be enrolled in a PhD programme adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that ends in a doctoral thesis (an original research project)
  • Postdoctoral: A postdoctoral researcher is a someone who carries out a professional research after the completion of their PhD.
  • Master’s student: To obtain the Master title a final dissertation is obliged. It consists of a comprehensive project which synthesises the knowledge acquired during the master's degree, carried out individually and defended in front of a university tribunal.
  • Undergraduate: You have to be in your last year of your career
  • Primary Care resident (in training)
  • Primary Care Professional

Within this set of internships, IDIAPJGol priories the long placements, especially predoctoral, postdocotoral and Master’s students.
For more information see the “PhD Guideline in IDIAPJGol” 


Where can you do your internship in IDIAPJGol?

The IDIAPJGol is organised in 8 Research Support Units (USR) (See the map), a Central Research Unit, a Medicines Study Unit (UEM), SIDIAP (Information System for Research in Primary Care) and 34 research groups, through which different lines of Research are developed  (See research groups). 


What are the requirements?

To carry a research or training internship in IDIAPJGol you need to:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Fill in online Research Internship Form (Open form)
  • Have been accepted by the IDIAPJGol and have an advisor assigned
  • Formalise a collaboration agreement for the training internship between the university or corresponding entity and the IDIAPJGol


How to apply?

If you are interested in an internship at IDIAPJGol, please send the following information:

  • Internship Application Form  Application Form
  • Cover letter, explaining the objectives of the internship, expectations, and the research lines of your interest
  • CV


Once we have all the information, it will be evaluated by the Internship Committee.

We will inform you, if you are accepted or not; if we do not have availability during the requested dates, we will offer you other dates.

If you're accepted, you will have to sign an agreement with your institution.