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Network and CIBER


"Thematic Networks for Coopearative Research in Health (RETICS)"

The RETICS (Thematic Networks for Cooperative Research in Health) are organizational structures formed by the associatin at the Carlos III Health Institute of different Biomedical Research groups, which are multidisciplinart. Its objective is to promote the collaboration between the research groups of the National Health System that works on related subjects while facilitating at the same time structring if the research carried out.

With regard to its structure, a general coordinator will be responsible for the scientific coordination and for monitoring the network and the programme coordinators will be responsible for the scientific coordination of each programme. For its constitution and maintenance it is necessary to participate between 6 and 15 research groups per programme and 4 or more autonomous communities.

There are currently 17 cooperative health research networks, including the Primary Care Prevention and Health Promotion Research Network  (redIAPP), coordinated by IDIAPJGol.   


"Primary Care Prevention and Health Promotion Research Network" (redIAPP)

IDIAP Jordi Gol coordinates the redIAPP (Primary Care Prevention and Health Promotion Research) and also participates in different groups, such as GRenSSAP group, led by Dr. Bonaventura Bolíbar (in which members of GrenSSAP group and the Lifestyle Group of  IDIAPJGol participate) and Cardiocat, led by Dr. Rafael Ramos (in which members of  ISV Girona group, ARTPER group and GRECAP group of  IDIAPJGol participate).

RedIAPP is a network formed by several research groups with objective of generating valid knowledge for Primary Care, especially about effectiveness and efficiency of innovative interventions in the prevention and promotion of health, as well as transmitting information needed so that population, scientific community and  service managers integrate  prevention and apply the results obtained to the routine clinical practice and the organization of services.

Visit the redIAPP website by clicking on the image: 

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"Centers of Biomedical Research in Network" (CIBER)

The CIBER were created by the Carlos III Institute to promote research in priority fields of biomedicine and health sciences, which is carried out in the National Health System and in the Science and Technology System. They are public consortiums of collaborative research in different thematic areas, in which more than 400 research groups participate in hospitals, universities, and public bodies throughout Spain.   

IDIAPJGol participates in different CIBER:

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Fragility and Aeging

New incorporation of the GREMPAL group, lead by Dr. Daniel Prieto. 

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Hepatic and Digestive diseases

The GremHAP group lead by Dr. Llorenç Caballeria, participates as a group linked to the Ciber. 

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Diabetis and Metabolic Associated diseases

Incorporation of Dr. Josep Franch and Dr. Manel Mata, from DAP_CAT group to the lead by Dr. Didac Mauricio of the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital (IGTP).

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Obesity and Nutrition

Dr. Josep Basora, chief Director of the IDIAPJGol and member of NUSCO group participates in the group lead by Dr. Jordi Salas (URV).