Menstrual Equity and Health in Spain Study


The study “Menstrual Equity and Health in Spain” has focused on researching menstrual inequities and health among women and people who menstruate between 18 and 55 years old in Spain. This is a mixed-methods research that was conducted between 2020 and 2022. It has contributed to make menstrual inequity and health needs visible in this context. One of the main conclusions is that policy and community actions need to focus on addressing structural factors that generate and maintain menstrual inequities. This study has been led by Dr Laura Medina-Perucha and funded by the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health.

Captura Informe es  The final report of the study is available in Spanish, and can be accessed here: Menstrual Health Reportdow  



Research Team
Laura Medina Perucha (IDIAPJGol), Anna Berenguera Ossó (IDIAPJGol), Constanza Jacques Aviñó (IDIAPJGol), Tomàs López Jiménez (IDIAPJGol), Andrea García Egea (IDIAPJGol), Anna Sofie Holst (IDIAPJGol), Carme Valls Llobet (Centre d’Anàlisi i Programes Sanitaris, CAPS), Cristina Martínez Bueno (Institut Català de la Salut, GRASSIR group), Jordina Munrós Feliu (Institut Català de la Salut, GRASSIR group), Mercedes Vicente Hernández (Institut Català de la Salut, GRASSIR group), Diana Pinzón (SomiArte Taller).



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