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Internal Scientific Committee


The Scientific Committee provides expert advice to the IDIAPJGol on programme planning and development and participates in the evaluation of the IDIAPJGol’s projects and calls for proposals. It also functions as an Investigators Committee for the FIS grants.




Bonaventura Bolíbar Ribas


Carina Aguilar Martín
Josep Basora Gallisà
Anna Berenguera Ossó
Joan Deniel Rosanas
Rosa Morros Pedrós
Miguel Angel Muñoz Pérez
Marta Ortega Bravo
Mariona Pujol Vidal
Rafel Ramos Blanes
Pere Josep Simonet Aineto
Pere Torán Monserrat
Concepció Violán Fors


  • To propose research programmes to the Board of Governors and to determine their feasibility with regard to the available resources.
  • To ensure that research follows guidelines and responds to priorities.
  • To apply the optimal ethical and scientific criteria to research funding.
  • To advise the Board of Governors on the development of the research infrastructure of the IDIAPJGol.
  • To supervise the research advancement of the IDIAPJGol.
  • To liaise between the governing and research sections of the IDIAPJGol.
  • To write the report on the scientific activities of the Committee.
  • To represent the IDIAPJGol in discussions and consultations with the departments of the Generalitat and the Spanish government responsible for scientific policy.