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Participation of citizens in research projects


Increasingly, people are taking a more active role in their own health. Patient centered care aims to tailor healthcare to the preferences, beliefs and values of the individual and to encourage the participation of the patient in decision making. However, we still mostly investigate patients but not with the patients. Often, patients are just a source of data and hardly ever take centre stage in the research process that affects them. We believe that the participation of the population in research is essential to achieve a better applicability and translation of results.

Based on this priority, the IDIAPJGol defined in its 2014-2017 strategic plan the objective "To promote activities that encourage patient participation in research projects ".

To achieve this strategic objective, the IDIAPJGol has designed a project with the title “People first: to promote the contribution of the people in establishing priorities and in the design, development and dissemination of research in primary care”. The main objective is to encourage patient participation in prioritising, designing, developing and disseminating primary health care research projects in Catalonia, as an empowerment strategy for the people regarding health research policies.


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