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The IDIAP embraces equity on 8-M

The Jordi Gol i Gurina University Institute for Research in Primary Health Care (IDIAPJGol) is an institution that works for gender equality in the primary care sector. Year after year, women are occupying more positions in the entity and greater weight in the organizational chart. This year we want to celebrate March 8 by vindicating the work carried out by each of the women who work for research in Primary Care, whatever their department.Dones IDIAP 8M

In social networks we have shared some of the names of these women. Our women embrace themselves in a gesture that matches the International Women's Day motto: embrace equity. And precisely, we want to share below some data and reflections on equity and on how we, from this institution, try to strive, day by day, to be more equitable.

Some statistics

  • The total staff with payroll at IDIAP Jordi Gol is 97 people. Of these, 57 are women. That is, 58% of the IDIAP are women.
  • Regarding the women who do research, 232 women researchers from our centers have been involved in some of our projects, representing 73% of the total number of researchers.
  • Of these, 189 women are Principal Investigators or co-Principal Investigators, representing 74% of all principal investigators.
  • A total of 357 researchers have PhDs. Of them, 189 are doctorates, 74%.
  • In relation to the research groups, 23 groups are led by women (59% of the total groups), and 69% of the total number of their members are women.

What does IDIAP do for equity?

The IDIAP is developing a new Equality Plan which is expected to be completed this year. You can see what is now in the following link.

One of the most highly valued gender measures at the IDIAP is its family reconciliation policy. For those workers who have children under the age of twelve, if they so wish, they have the option of working alone one afternoon a week (working until 6 p.m.). For the rest of the staff with children over the age of twelve, they will have to do two afternoons.

In fact, the Institute offers the possibility that a worker can distribute the schedules according to each family case, with a minimum number of people per department and depending on the seasons. And, moreover, in those special cases, of single-parent families or with children with disabilities, the IDIAP gives maximum flexibility.

The IDIAP always acts in favor of equity. In this sense, whenever a new group is formed, we try to seek parity between the sexes and be equitable in the distribution of departments and offer the same facilities for the geographical location of jobs for both genders. And when writing and publishing our scientific texts, we always check that the language is not sexist and is as inclusive as possible.