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Two new articles from the EPIVAC research group in Tarragona

The Epidemiology and Vaccines Research Group (EPIVAC), led by dr. Angel Vila and Dra. Eva Satué from the IDIAP Research Support Unit Jordi Gol from the Camp de Tarragona Primary Care Directorate, has published two new original articles: one last September, in the Spanish Health Journal Public and another, in the BMC Public Health Journal.

covid persistent

The first, published in the Spanish Journal of Public Health, analyzes the care position, symptoms and clinical course, severity and fatality in 536 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in adults over 50 years of age in the Tarragona area from March-June 2020, during the first wave & nbsp; epidemic of COVID19. This article describes and analyzes the clinical characteristics of all confirmed cases & nbsp; of COVID19, treated as outpatients, hospitalized and admitted to residences / social health.

The second, published in the BMC Public Health Journal, looks at related mortality & nbsp; with COVID-19 and deaths from any cause, observed among people over 50 years of age during the first epidemic wave, evaluating the risk of mortality (from COVID-19 and / or from any cause) according to sociodemographic and medical conditions pre- existing.

Both studies, in which different Primary Care professionals from ICS Camp de Tarragona have participated, were funded by a research grant from the Carlos III Health Institute of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain (file COV20 / 00852; call for the disease by SARS-COV-2 / Covid-19, RDL 8/2020, March 17, 2020) and the support of IDIAP Jordi Gol.

Below you have the references of both articles: