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The researcher Talita Duarte-Salles obtains a Miguel Servet scholarship granted by the Carlos III Health Institute

 For the first time, an IDIAPJGol researcher obtains a Miguel Servet grant-contract.

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The researcher Talita Duarte-Salles is a nurse and a doctor in Biomedicine. Currently, she leads the Real World Epidemiology group, accredited by IDIAPJGol, and is a benchmark in research with real life data with national and international collaborations. The main objective of the group is to generate reliable scientific evidence through the use of data collected routinely in different settings of the health system. The group is currently involved in a series of studies & nbsp; focused on understanding the natural history and determinants of multiple diseases / health problems (e.g. cancer, COVID-19, obesity, mental health, etc.), the safety and efficacy of new drugs and vaccines, and the implementation of methods to analyze and evaluate the quality of real-world data.

Obtaining the Miguel Servet scholarship is both recognition of his career and professional consolidation. For IDIAP Jordi Gol it is an honor to have the team with this researcher who has obtained the first Miguel Servet grant-contract for the Institute.

The Miguel Servet scholarships are five-year grants awarded by the Carlos III Health Institute for hiring doctors with a proven track record in research centers. Obtaining this contract will allow Dr. Duarte-Salles to deepen her line of research to generate scientific evidence through the exploitation of data collected routinely in different settings of the health system.