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Bibliographic Information Search Course and Bibliographic Reference Managers

From September 27 to October 29, the course 'Search for Bibliographic Information and Bibliographic References Managers' will take place, with Guillem Pera and Josep Maria Manresa as speakers. 

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26-hour e-learning course that will combine synchronous and asynchronous video sessions. The student will obtain training to use and solve effective bibliographic searches , both for consulting specific doubts and for updating knowledge or conducting research studies. You will identify the main bibliographic managers and you will learn how to use them. To pass the course, a minimum attendance of 80% will be necessary, and the satisfaction questionnaire must be completed at the end of the course.

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Ask a research question
  • Transform the question into keywords and operators to carry out a bibliographic search
  • Effectively solve bibliographic searches with the main bibliographic databases available, identify the different sources of bibliographic information and internet search strategies
  • Basic handling of bibliographic search (PubMed)
  • Manage bibliographic references through the MENDELEY program
  • You will have had to do a personal search and manage the references obtained

All information and registration in this link.