Research to improve people's health


The IDIAPJGol gives a new impulse to innovation by fostering collaboration with other companies and institutions

The IDIAPJGol Innovation Unit is looking for companies or entities with which to collaborate by testing their technologies at our Real World Lab, in addition to having the objective of helping researchers.


The mission of the IDIAPJGol Innovation Unit is to help Primary Care researchers to carry out their ideas, either by creating spin-offs, licensing the idea, reaching the market or implementing the project in our system. of health. During this process there is an accompaniment where a careful analysis of the proposals and their viability in the market must be made.

On the other hand, we want to take advantage of the knowledge that is generated to work with other companies and institutions at the Real World Lab. This is the main service of the Unit, which aims to take advantage of the proximity to the patient and the territorial extension of the IDIAPJGol to be able to validate health technologies (apps, medical devices, platforms, ...) in a real environment. This would help entrepreneurs and investors in making decisions, as well as in the search for economic resources to carry out ideas.

Within the framework of this drive for innovation, the IDIAPJGol has been part of a B2Match of the Mobile World Congress to meet entities with which to collaborate. Some of these entities have presented us with technologies that will be validated at Real World Lab. In this line also, at the end of the year we will participate in the IoT Solutions World Congress, to be held in Barcelona.