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New course of Methodology in Qualitative Research with AIFiCC

The IDIAPJGol, together with the Association of Family and Community Nursing of Catalonia, offers this new course with the aim of knowing the theoretical and methodological bases of qualitative research and the main areas of application of qualitative research in health.

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The training will always be virtual through the MOODLE platform, where all the course materials will be included. On the one hand, the training sessions will be synchronous, that is, an e-learning that takes place in real time, with a "physical" teaching that takes place through the virtual platform Microsoft Teams. On the other hand, they will be asynchronous or in delayed time, that is, they do not occur simultaneously between the teacher and the students. It is intended that the participants learn in an active way and with tutored autonomy.

The synchronous sessions will be virtual meetings between the trainers and the students. Theoretical presentations will be made where the key concepts will be introduced and an appropriate bibliography will be provided to deepen them. The students will be distributed in groups from the beginning by working on a protocol to reinforce the concepts in a practical way. For each of the blocks there will be asynchronous sessions where readings and the preparation of the power point (the protocol) will be combined. Outside the hours of the synchronous sessions, the teachers offer to tutor each group during the duration of the course, during working hours and outside the weekend. The maximum response time can be 48 hours.


  • Constanza Jacques Aviñó. Psychologist Master in Ethnographic Research, Anthropological Theory and Intercultural Relations, Master in Public Health and PhD in Medical Anthropology. Institut Universitari d’Investigació en Atenció Primària (IDIAPJGol).
  • Laura Medina Perucha. Psychologist, Master and Doctorate in Health Psychology. Social researcher in health. Institut Universitari d’Investigació en Atenció Primària (IDIAPJGol).


20 hours long; 12h (synchronous); 8h (asynchronous).

Session dates: May 2021: 18 and 25. June 2021: 1, 8, 15 and 22.

1 session per week of 2 hours (4:30 pm-6:30pm) for 6 sessions.

Participants: Maximum 12 people.

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