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Persistent COVID-19 survey


Available the survey for people affected with more than 21 days of symptoms compatible with COVID-19

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The survey is part of a study that aims to follow the evolution of persistent COVID-19 symptoms at the time of study entry and 3, 6 and 12 months after study entry.

Professionals from the IDIAPJGol, the ICS and the Department of Health, together with the Col·lectiu d'Afectades i Afectats per symptoms persistents de la COVID-19 de Catalunya, are working on a study that helps to describe the social-demographic characteristics, the symptoms, their evolution over time and the impact on the quality of life of the affected people over 1 year.

Who can participate in the survey?


  • Over 18 years
  • You have had symptoms consistent with COVID-19 that have lasted for more than 3 weeks (> 21 days) with or without confirmatory diagnostic tests
  • Has not been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit during the acute illness due to COVID-19
  • Lives in Catalonia
  • Even if you have already overcome the disease, but were affected and had symptoms of more than 21 days




This study is carried out jointly with the Col • lectiu d'Afectades i Afectats per symptoms persistents de la COVID-19, and is part of participatory studies in which scientific knowledge is created together with affected people.

We attach the link to the study survey to disseminate it to people who attend, who have or have had persistent symptoms (that last beyond 21 days from the onset of symptoms).


The survey will be available until June 30, 2021.



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