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Cristina García Serrano, CAP Balaguer nurse, receives the First Prize for Innovation in Vaccination Management in Primary Health Care 2020

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The Prize, which has an economic endowment of € 3,000, has been awarded within the framework of the III Sanofi Pasteur-AIFICC-CAMFIC Awards to the study 'Determination of vaccination and immunization in subjects with inflammatory bowel disease, after an informative intervention to the professionals'.

Cristina García's study was carried out in Lleida among adult patients diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and its main objective is to determine the correct vaccination of this type of patient. Cristina García started this project, together with her colleagues Pepi Estany and Glòria Mirada, also primary care nurses from the Catalan Health Institute in Lleida and the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and in collaboration with the Unitat de Suport a la Research on Lleida and the Fundació IDIAP Jordi Gol.

Inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn's disease are very disabling chronic diseases, causing a significant alteration of the immune system and a predisposition to infectious diseases. It is for this reason that vaccination in this group is of vital importance. The research results can be implemented immediately in daily practice in primary care.

Third Prize for a project to improve influenza vaccination 


At the same time, and also within the framework of the III Sanofi Pasteur-AIFICC-CAMFIC Awards, Encarna Domènech Bonilla and Mònica Guillén Mesalles, from the Equip d’Atenció Primària Les Borges Blanques, have also been recognized with the Third Prize Meritxell Cunillera Batlle. His project deals with the improvement of influenza vaccination in the institutions assigned to primary care in Lleida to end under-registration and guarantee the safety of patients.