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Intersectionality is the key to be truly impactful int the field of diversity and inclusion in the health research, according to the second monograph about gender and health from the AQuAS


 AQuAS has published the seconf monogrpah about Gender on Health Research. This paper is based on the promises and the discussion the leaders of the health research centres had during the Gender Summit in Girona the last autumn wit the support of the Departament de Salut and the Fundació “la Caixa”.

You can download the monograph on the following link.

The objective of this monograph is to set resentar los the 12 agreement points of the Carta Hipàtia d'Alexandría that the research centres agreed. We also invite you to keep working for the empowering and the rising of scientist women and they leadership. Likewise, we inivite you to do the use you consider more appropiate do support the Action, dismeination and discuss programs.