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New emerging research group accredited in the IDIAPJGol

The IDIAPJGol has a new emerging research group, VERTAP: a research group on approach to vertigo in Primary Care. The main researcher of the group is José Luis Ballvé (doctor at CAP Florida) and his main objective is to improve the approach to vertigo in Primary Care.


The VERTAP lines of research are:

  • Research in clinical management of vertigo in Primary Care
  • Inclusion in the Ecap tool (CatSalut electronic medical record) of the vertigo approach algorithm to help address vertigo in PC
  • Design and development of applied technology for the diagnostic improvement and treatment of vertigo in PC: Possible future project on App vs Frenzel glasses to help identify nystagmus

The group is currently running a project with the aim of improving the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo through online training with face-to-face reinforcement. In the future, VERTAP wants to work on improving the vertigo approach through an action algorithm within Ecap.

Check all the information about the group and the professionals that make it up here.