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Stratègic Plan 2017-2020



The Mission of the Foundation University Institute for Primary Health Care Research Jordi Gol i Gurina (IDIAPJGol) is to promote, develop and manage community and primary health care research, to train investigators to generate and disseminate knowledge and to translate the research results to society to improve human health.


The Vision of the IDIAPJGol is to be nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in health promotion and primary care research by means of involving the public and health professionals and by influencing health policies.


The values that we share, stand up and promote are trust, equity, responsability, excellence, cooperation, collaboration and innovation.

Trust: Trust implies confidentiality, the good use of the data to which we have access as investigators.

Equity: Equity is the fair and adequate treatment that takes into account the circumstances and values of every individual without discrimination. This fair and adequate treatment must also prevail in the relationship with workers, providers and other stakeholders.

Responsability: Responsibility is the capacity to own your own decisions and acts, to assume their consequences and to inform the people involved. Responsibility requires transparency and truthfulness about what we say and do (actions), why we do it (values) and its consequences, to ensure good practice in research, teaching and management.

Excellence: Excellence is the continuing professional development to work to the best of our ability, to lead improvement initiatives and to be aware of the changes around us. Excellence requires a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes adequate for the activities we want to carry out.

Cooperation: Cooperation is the attitude of participation and involvement in teamwork, from our own individuality and with a critical approach. We develop our individual work abilities through complementarity and coordination of labour.

Collaboration: Working alongside and in conditions of equality with other public and private organizations involved in research and provision of health services.

Innovation: Capacity to introduce changes to improve assistance and care taking into account feasibility, risks and benefits.


Strategic Goals


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Strategic Goal 1: To promote excellence in research within the research teams of the IDIAP Jordi Gol

1.1 To consolidate excellence in research within the research teams of the IDIAPJGol.

1.2 To aim towards the maximum social impact of the research teams of the IDIAPJGol.

1.3 To encourage the less involved primary care sectors to participate in research.

1.4 To promote the SIDIAP as a linchpin of big data research within the European health system.

Strategic Goal 2: To improve the structure of the organization and implement the OTRM-R toolkit.

2.1 To define and implement the optimal structure of the USRs and their relationship with teaching and training units and PC regional boards.

2.2 To strengthen relationships amongst USR (Territorial Research Support Units).

2.3 To determine the necessary steps to retain talent within the organisation.

2.4 Take action to maintain the research accreditation of the IDIAPJGol in the relevant institutions.

2.5 Take action to increase the funding of the IDIAPJGol.

2.6 Review the organisational structure to improve the management of projects with regard to acquiring and managing funding.


Strategic Goal 3: Dissemination

To strengthen the IDIAPJGol brand and disseminate the services, activities and research results amongst stakeholders.

3.1 To promote the IDIAPJGol brand between PC researchers.

3.2 To improve internal communication.

3.3 To further disseminate the IDIAPJGol brand outside the organization.

3.4 To strengthen the participation of patients/people in research projects.

Strategic Goal 4: To consolidate the IDIAP Jordi Gol as a leader in primary care research training.

4.1 To consolidate the training structure.

Strategic Goal 5: To increase the collaborations with other research bodies.

5.1. To determine the optimal collaborative model between the IDIAPJGol and other health research institutes to attract and retain talent and to participate in competitive and far-reaching research projects.

5.2 To develop alliances with other research bodies to enhance the visibility and significance of PC research in Europe.

5.3 To establish international collaborations to increase the participation in international projects and platforms.

Strategic Goal 6: To define a model of innovation/translation and impact of the IDIAPJGol´s research.

6.1 To align the innovation strategy of the IDIAPJGol with the innovation plan of the Catalan Institute of Health.


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