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Strategic Plan 2021-2025



We are a benchmark University Institute in Community and Primary Care research and innovation. We work to identify, host, and promote the most excellent and disruptive projects that health professionals develop, so that the value they generate is transferred to society and creates improvements in people’s health and well-being. 



We want Community and Primary Care professionals to be recognised both nationally and internationally as a qualified, leading ,and indispensable group so that research and innovation contribute to the  continued improvement, modernisation and transformation of the system.


  • SENSTIVITY , so that our activity centres on, and is guided towards, the health and well-being requirements expressed by society.
  • HIGHT STANDARS, to ensure the quality and excellence of knowledge we bring, on the basis of rigour, responsibility and a critical spirit. As a commitment to effectiveness and efficiency that will make us reliable, confident and sustainable.
  • CREATIVITY, so that curiosity, passion, and excitement act as the engines that drive our professionals to innovate and generate value; and to work in an agile environment where respect and trust  prevail.


Strategic Lines 

Let us all promote research in the Primary Care of the future.


12 strategic lines and 21 challenges defined in a collaborative process to get to where we want to be.



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