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You can download here the required information and forms for the management of projects:

Services fees of the IDIAPJGol
Information to apply for funding

Information on the IDIAPJGol overheads for service provided:


Guideline with approximate charges for concepts that could be subsidized when preparing budgets for competitive projects: 


Templates for the execution of projects and/or research funds

Guidelines for the follow up the project for the Principal Investigator:


If you are in charge of a research site, the following link contains instructions to administer the budget on the site:


Contact data of the travel agency you should use in case you do not make your own travel arrangements paying with your own money in advance:


Prints for the economic management of projects

In competitive projects funded by Catalan entities, changes in budget items should be requested by filling this form:


Form for the authorisation of expenses. All expenses must be sent together with this form, sent by the PI/lead of project/site:


The following form must be filled in when you delegate the payment of expenses and payment authorisations to a third party:


In case of acquisition of equipment for a value over €1,000, the following form must be filled in to specify where the equipment is located to facilitate the donation to the ICS in a future date:


Model of meeting minutes should there be no other:


How to apply for a certificate

Guidelines to obtain certification for the investigators in the GIR:


Comunication and  publicity ERDF

Compulsory publicity requirements for all projects funded by the ISCiii/ERDF:


In order to comply with communication and publicity regulations, all dissemination materials of projects funded by the ISCiii/ERDF must display the following logos (click here to download):





logo FEDER




Satisfaction Survey 2017

Results of the Satisfaction Survey 2017 Descarga