Research to improve people's health

Executive Committee


The board appoints an executive committe which has the function of administration and representation attributed to ir by the highest governing body of the IDIAPJGol , in accordance with the statutes.




Yolanda Lejardi Estévez

Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)

Other members

Robert Fabregat i Fuentes

Ministry of Health.Generalitat de Catalunya

Rafael Ruiz Riera

Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)

Armand Sánchez Bonastre

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 


Montserrat Martínez Morales

Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)


  • To develop and approve research and training programmes and activities for the IDIAPJGol.
  • Budget allocation to the various research and training programmes.
  • To plan and authorise projects that concern technical and administrative facilities.
  • To implement the agreements made by the Board of Trustees that relate to issues under the Executive Board’s competence, as well as all those delegated to the Executive Board.