Research to improve people's health

Chief Director

Josep Basora IDIAPJGol 2

Chief Director:

Dr. Josep Basora i Gallisà

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  • To direct, organise and manage the foundation's research activities.
  • To propose to the Board of Trustees a programme of activities that the lines of research must specify, at the cost of the sources of funding expected.
  • To propose to the Board of Trustees the annual budget of the foundation.
  • To propose to the Board of Trustees the organisational structure of the foundation.
  • To coordinate the actions aimed to obtain the necessary resources so that the foundation's objectives can be accomplished.
  • To inform and report to the Board of Trustees about the development of the foundation's activities and research programmes.
  • To direct the selective staff process, or accept the assignment of the staff of other institutions to the foundation.
  • To propose necessary services so that the foundation develops activities and functions that correspond them.
  • To propose to the Board of Trustees the rules of internal operation.
  • To formalise collaboration agreements with public or private institutions of less than the maximum amount that the Board of Trustees had expressly authorised.
  • Any other functions that are expressly entrusted or delegated by the Board of Trustees in the terms expected in these statutes.