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Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is the highest-ranking government, administrative and representative body of the IDIAPJGol and meets regularly twice a year. Trustees will convene in extraordinary session by request of the presidency or by at least a third of its members.



Honorific Chairman

Alba Vergés Bosch
Minister in a regional government. Ministry of Health. Generalitat de Catalunya


Josep Maria Argimon Pallàs
Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)


Robert Fabregat i Fuentes
Ministry of Health. Generalitat de Catalunya

Armand Sánchez Bonastre
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Other members

Montserrat Llavayol Giralt
Ministry of Health. Generalitat de Catalunya

Yolanda Lejardi Estévez
Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)

Ricard Pujol Borrell
Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)

Ana Ríos Jiménez
Ministry of Health. Generalitat de Catalunya

Sara Rodríguez Requejo
Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)

Rafael Ruiz Riera
Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)

Anna Forcada Arcarons
Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)

Dídac Mauricio Puente
Hospital Sant Pau 



Montserrat Martínez Morales
Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)


  • To ensure that the foundation principles of the IIDIAPJGol are adhered to.
  • To authorise the research projects of the IDIAPJGol and other programmes.
  • To approve the overall strategic plan of the IDIAPJGol.
  • To approve the schedule, costs and the funding sources of the IDIAPJGol’s activities, in accordance with the director’s proposals.
  • To approve the annual budget of the IDIAPJGol.
  • To approve the yearly mandatory annual reports, inventories, balances and financial statements.
  • To agree a Set of Internal Rules if required.
  • To decide regarding the modification, if applicable, of the statutes and any respect of interest or significance for the IDIAPJGol, in accordance with the laws.
  • To decide the controversial terms according to the interest of IDIAPJGol and in relation to its purposes.