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34 research groups of different primary health care areas are certified


Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • Bibliographic information course

    Bibliographic Information Search Course and Bibliographic Reference Managers

    From September 27 to October 29, the course 'Search for Bibliographic Information and Bibliographic References Managers' will take place, with Guillem Pera and Josep Maria Manresa as speakers. 

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  • Projectes COVID persistent (3)

    The IDIAPJGol has three ongoing research projects on persistent Covid

    Different teams from the Jordi Gol y Gurina University Institute for Primary Care Research (IDIAPJGol) are carrying out research projects related to persistent Covid-19. This nomenclature has been used to name the cases of patients with symptoms lasting more than 4 weeks from the onset of the disease.

    covid persistent

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  • Ajuts interns 2021 (3)

    Open the call for grants for research in Primary health Care 2021

    The call for grants from IDIAPJGol, in collaboration with the ICS, is now open. You can consult the bases and the information of all the calls here.

    ajuts 2021

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  • BEENIS study

    18% of the boys and 15% of the girls in Sabadell consume soft drinks daily

    A study analyzes the real consumption of sugary, energy and sports drinks in about 4,000 adolescents in the municipality.

    begudes ensucrades

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  • Innovation IDIAPJGol

    The IDIAPJGol gives a new impulse to innovation by fostering collaboration with other companies and institutions

    The IDIAPJGol Innovation Unit is looking for companies or entities with which to collaborate by testing their technologies at our Real World Lab, in addition to having the objective of helping researchers.


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  • Obesidad infantil (2)

    Urban Areas With High Levels of Air Pollution, Traffic and Noise May Increase Risk of Childhood Obesity

     A study of more than 2,000 children in Sabadell associates these three environmental factors with higher body mass index.

     casal destiu a lescola sant jordi

    Foto: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona / Vicente Zambrano González

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  • IDIAPJGol's papers

    Consult the latest scientific articles of the IDIAPJGol

    List of the latest scientific publications of the IDIAPJGol or with the participation of our researchers.

    foto publicacions cientifiques IDIAPJGol 682x376

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  • Seminari Internacional COVID (2)

    The IDIAPJGol participates in the International Seminar on the piscosocial impact of Covid-19

    It is a project led by IDIAPJGol in which the first results of the study will be presented. Under the title 'Inequities, Covid-19 and its impacts in Latin America and Spain', expert speakers from Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Spain will debate on July 14 through the Zoom platform. 

    Seminario Covid

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