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Our research

34 research groups of different primary health care areas are certified


Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • Hackaton alfabetització digital (3)

    The Citizen Hackt project organizes a disruptive innovation session to generate solutions to the challenge of digital literacy for the elderly

    The Dream BIG Challenge is a disruptive innovation competition where in 3 hours hundreds of solutions are generated to the challenge of digital literacy of the elderly. A movement that brings citizens closer to the reality of innovation in companies and society, empowering them to be able to define and make the future they dream a reality.


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  • iRAISE (3)

    The IDIAPJGol innovation team will participate in the iRAISE program

    The IDIAP Real World Lab project, which will serve to validate health technologies, has been chosen for the iRAISE program. Within the framework of this program, the innovation team will train and carry out the Real World Lab viability plan.


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  • OPTIMA (3)

    New research project aims to improve treatment for patients with prostate, breast and lung cancer through artificial intelligence

    The IDIAPJGol will participate in a research program with the collaboration of 36 partners from 13 countries with the aim of improving care for patients with prostate, breast and lung cancer through Artificial Intelligence (AI).


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  • Agreement COMLLeida

    IDIAP Jordi Gol and the Official College of Physicians of Lleida begin a collaboration to promote research in the field of primary care in Lleida

    The Jordi Gol i Gurina University Institute for Research in Primary Health Care Foundation (IDIAPJGol) and the Official College of Physicians of Lleida (COMLleida) signed last October 1 a collaboration agreement to develop joint activities to promote clinical, epidemiological and health services research in the field of primary care in Lleida among people registered with the COMLL. 


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  • Scientific articles

    Check the latest scientific articles of the IDIAPJGol

    Check the latest publications of our researchers or with the participation of IDIAPJGol.

    foto publicacions cientifiques IDIAPJGol 682x376

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  • Innovation program

    Two IDIAPJGol research groups selected to participate in The Collider OnCampus 2021 program

    The research group GAVINA, from the RSU Terres de l’Ebre and led by Rosa Dalmau and the group from the RSU Costa de Ponent VERTAP, with Jose Luis Ballvé as main researcher, they have been selected in a competitive call to participate in the training OnCampus de The Collider.


    Group GAVINA

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  • Editorial covid persistente (2)

    75% of those affected by persistent covid find it difficult to spend time with friends and 70%, attend to family responsibilities

    Researchers from IDIAPJGol publish an editorial in the European Journal of Internal Medicine on the consequences of persistent covid. 1 in 5 people have symptoms of Covid-19 five weeks after infection. At 12 weeks, 1 in 10 patients.


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  • We renew UGP

    We renew the Project Management Unit (PMU) in order to strengthen our international presence

     The IDIAPJGol has added two new professionals to the PMU team: Alexandros Nikolaou and Nicola Kielland.

    ugp 2021

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