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Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • Articles científics (3)

    Check the latest publications in IDIAPJGol scientific journals

    In this list you can consult the latest articles published by our researchers or with the collaboration of IDIAPJGol.

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  • Espais verds i risc càncer mama (3)

    Environmental pollution increases the risk of breast cancer in women after menopause

    Living in areas with a higher proportion of green spaces for long periods of time could reduce the risk of contracting the disease in women after menopause. For women before menopause, only living in areas with very high concentrations of PM10 increases the risk of breast cancer.

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  • Introducció R (3)

    In October, new edition of the Introduction to R

    On October 3, 10, 17 and 24, a new edition of the Introduction to R course will take place. The training will be online through the Teams and Moodle platforms from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.. 

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  • Curs protocol recerca (3)

    New online course: Presentation of a Research Protocol in a Competitive Call

    On September 29, the training 'Presentation of a Research Protocol in a Competitive Call' will take place through the Teams platform. It is a course aimed at Primary Care professionals interested in obtaining funding for a research study.


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  • Jornada recerca ICS (3)

    The 13th Research Conference of the Catalan Institute of Health will be held on November 21

    On November 21, 2022, the Bellvitge University Hospital and IDIBELL will host the 13th Research Conference of the Catalan Health Institute -which will bring together representative researchers from the research institutes linked to the organization's health centers and which will will allow sharing the latest advances in mental health.

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  • Ajuts recerca AP 2022 (3)

    The call for grants for research in Primary Care 2022 of the ICS / IDIAPJGol is open

    From this month of July, and until next November 6, applications can be submitted for the Grants for research in Primary Care granted by the IDIAPJGol together with the ICS. 

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  • Jornada 25 anys (3)

    IDIAPJGol celebrates 25 years as a center for research and health promotion in Primary Care referring to Catalonia

    IDIAPJGol celebrates the anniversary in a scientific conference to value the work of the more than 1,500 researchers who conduct research in Primary Care from all over Catalonia. The Catalan Health Institute created the Jordi Gol i Gurina Foundation in 1996 with the aim of promoting and managing innovation, training, teaching and clinical, epidemiological and health services research in the field of primary care.

    25 anys IDIAPJGol

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  • Perfil SIDIAP (3)

    The International Journal of Epidemiology publishes the profile of the SIDIAP database

    The Information System for Research in Primary Care (SIDIAP) is a primary care database of the entire population that was created to provide a useful tool for health research. SIDIAP includes data from 328 primary care centers managed by the Catalan Institute of Health in Catalonia and pseudonymised data from more than 8 million people.


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