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Interview to Carles Llor

Interview about respiratory diseasers   

      foto carles llor

Interview to Francesc Orfila

Interview about aging

       foto orfila

Interview to Maria Antònia Llauger

Interview about respiratory diseases.

       m antonia llauger

Interview to Betlem Salvador

Betlem Salvador has begun a two-year stay at the IMIM by a grant ICS / IDIAP research to a research center. We speak of this new phase when just two months there.

         betlem web

Interview to Francisco Martin

Dr. Francisco Martin speaks of the present and future of the Study Group on Pathology of Primary Care Respiratory     

         paco martin

 Interview to Maria Teresa Peñarrubia

Dr. Teresa Peñarrubia explains the daily research group    


Interview to  Josep Maria Verdú

Dr. Josep Maria Verdú two years ago Aid IDIAP / ICS to conduct research at the IMIM. A few days before the end of their stay, we went to see, and we talked about this experience


Interview to  Maria Antonia Campo

Campo Maria Antonia talks about the present and future of this research group is primarily for nurses.

         IMG 0690

Interview to Rafael Abós

Rafael Abós explains in an extensive interview in the daily research group and its future projects.

          rafael abos

Interview to Rosa Maria Dalmau

Rosa Maria Dalmau explains the main developments on group receca in preventing Terres de l'Ebre


Interview about group GRASSIR

Gemma Falguera speaks of the present and future of this research group young and eager to work.


Interview to Eusebio Barra

Martin Eusebio Barra explains how research in physical therapy in primary care.


Interview to M. J. Fernandez

We talked with Maria Jose Fernandez, Coordinator of the Group on Severe Mental Disorders.

      la foto 1 2

Interview to group NUSCO

Interview to Victoria Arija 

         P1010283 28229

Interview to Mental Groupl

Interview to Dr. Enric Aragonés


Interview to Grup ISV Girona

Interview to Rafael Ramos 


Interview to Diabetis Group

Interview to Bernardo Costa


Interview to group EPIVAC

Interview to Angel Vila 

           foto avila 2013

Interview to group ARTPER

Interview to Maite Alzamora 


Interview to coordinator  GrensSSAP Group

Interview to Bonaventura Bolíbar.


Interview to group GremHAP

Interview to Llorenç Caballeria


Interview to Octabaix Group 

Interview to Assumpta Ferrer.


Interview to Carlos Martin 

Carlos Martin speaks of the main lines of work of this research group.


Interview to group DAP_CAT

Interview to Josep Franch 


Interview to GRECAP group 

Interview to Miguel Angel Muñoz 


Interview to GROIMAP group

Interview to Rafael Azagra 


Interview to GREMPAL group 

Interview to Dani Prieto 


Interview to MACAP group 

Interview to Carmen Barrio 


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