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About us

TeleForm is a software created to read questionnaires and to store the data in the appropriate database. How does TeleForm work?

-Phase 0: Together with the principal investigator of the project or the investigator in charge of the questionnaire, we need to check that the questionnaire fields are correctly defined and in a format compatible with TeleForm. In case of the CRF (Clinical Research File) it is necessary to check that all questions have been included.

- Phase 1: Design. Once the questionnaire has been finalised, the fields must be defined in a format that TeleForm can recognise and read. At this stage a pilot testing of a few questionnaires in their final form is strongly recommended to ensure that the questionnaire design and the database are functional

- Phase 2: Once the data are collected they can be read and validated. These two processes happen simultaneously.



  • To provide the RSU and the investigators with a system to facilitate the reading of questionnaires. 
  •  To support those projects that adopt this reading system. 
  • To create a Questionnaire Library and make it available to all IDIAP’s investigators.



Anna Moleras - Direcció Científica (Coordinator)
Oleguer Plana - UEM
Helena Pera  - UEM
Laura Prats - Scientific Director
Anna Ferré - Barcelona RSU
Laura Muñoz - North Metropolitan Area- Maresme RSU
Josep M. Manresa - North Metropolitan Area  - Vallès RSU
Anna Capmany - South Metropolitan Area RSU
Ruth Martí -  Girona RSU

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