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AGICAP Network

The AGICAP is a network of over 300 investigators accredited with experience in clinical trials (GPs, paediatricians, gynaecologists, orthopaedics and trauma surgery specialists, pharmacologists, nurses) and a Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CREC).

The AGICAP network has already recruited over 3,500 patients for 324 clinical trials, particularly in Phase 3, on the most prevalent chronic conditions in primary care, such as cardiovascular and infectious diseases and also vaccines.
AGICAP also analyses project feasibility in the pre- and post-approval phases of the clinical trial.
Professionals with experience in realization of clinical trials: GPs, nurses, pediatricians, ob-gynecologists, pharmacologists and pharmacists working in over 70 primary care centers around Catalunya.
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Our experience

Over 3900 patients recruited, in 396 clinical trials, of chronical illnesses usual of primary care (cardiovascular, infectious diseases, vaccines, etc.), mostly in phase III.


AGICAP also participates in several studies of projects’ viability, both in pre- and post-approval trials.

Researchers Accreditation Criteria 

1. The future investigator must apply for accreditation (the application form must be signed and sent to the IDIAP Jordi Gol) and

2. He/She must have attended the AGICAP Research in Clinical Trials Course and/or

3. He/She must have randomised at least one patient in a drug clinical trial in his/her capacity as a researcher during the last two years and/or

4. He/She must have been a member of the Management Board of at least a drug clinical trial.

 Researchers Reaccreditation Criteria
Reaccreditation of AGICAP network members will take place automatically every three years. Therefore, AGICAP network members must not apply individually for reaccreditation.

At least one of the following requirements must be met to be considered an active accredited AGICAP network member:
  • To have recruited patients in some clinical trial during the last three years.
  • To have shown interest in patient recruitment in those instances where the sponsor has unexpectedly decided to suspend the clinical trial.
  • To have been a member of the Management Board of any clinical trial during the last two years.
  • To have carried out nursing techniques specifically related to a clinical trial during the last two years.
A letter will be sent to the investigators who are not considered for reaccreditation 6 months before their network membership expires. During these 6 months they will be able to appeal the decision.

Those investigators who appeal and reapply to the AGICAP will be readmitted to the network provided that they comply with at least one of the above mentioned criteria.

Exceptionally, when formal criteria are not met, the AGICAP can decide favourably on the reaccreditation of researchers if they are considered of strategic interest for the network (non clinical professionals, scientific advisors, professionals who belong to other networks and professionals with proven limited access to the geographical areas of the trials).



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