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About us

CAIBER is a public consortium, an instrumental organ of the Carlos III Health Institute (Science and Innovation Ministry), whose objective is to promote health and wellbeing across the population through research that improves clinical practice and health policy, multi-centric clinical trials, and the translation of state-of-the-art knowledge into daily practice.

CAIBER’s main goal is to facilitate, promote, coordinate and guarantee excellence in the clinical research carried out in Spain for the benefit of the patient. This research must be completed with the appropriate resources, within the allocated time frame, and should benefit first and foremost the patient, but also the health system and society as a whole.

In its role as a clinical research network, CAIBER facilitates the development of collaborative projects that require the participation of several research groups.

The UCICAC Jordi Gol is amongst the 40 Clinical Research Central Units in Clinical Trials that  constitute the CAIBER. These 40 units are distributed amongst 16 Spanish Autonomous Communities and they are coordinated by the CAIBER Central Unit (UCCA) in the Carlos III Health Institute.

The UCICAC and the UCCA support the clinical research teams, facilitate the collaboration of different groups and directly contribute to the implementation of the clinical trials.



The overall strategic objectives of CAIBER are as follows:

  • To promote the development of clinical research programmes and clinical trials within CAIBER, particularly in relation to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and health services, and also those with no commercial interest.
  • To guarantee excellence, effectiveness and efficiency in CAIBER’s clinical research programmes and in all projects where CAIBER participates.
  •  To cooperate with all parties involved in clinical research, those with commercial interests (pharmaceutical industry) and those without a commercial interest (universities, research networks), to conduct relevant clinical trials. 
  • To promote the participation of CAIBER in international clinical research activities, particularly those included in the European Framework Programmes R&D (ECRIN).
  • To enhance Spanish and European competitiveness in the field of clinical trials.
  •  To promote the transfer of clinical research results into clinical practice. 
  • To have a leading role in the European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN) and in public and private European (OCDE-GSF, European Science Foundation, IMI) and other international institutions.


Organization and members

  • Rosa Morros, Director and Coordinator.
  • Helena Pera, clinical trials monitoring.
  • Oleguer Plana, biostatistician and data manager.
  • Josep Maria Manresa, methodological advisor, biostatistician and data manager.
  • Pau Moreno,  finance administrator, finance manager and clinical trials administration.
  • Ernest Vinyoles, clinical trials manager.
  • Úrsula Belén Flix, clinical trials nurse.


Clinical Trials Support Units(CTSU):

USAC Santa Coloma
Cristina Vedia, coordinator

USAC Mataró
Pere Toran, coordinator

Costa de Ponent
Sonia Sarret, coordinator

Passeig Sant Joan
Carlos Martin, coordinator

Ciutat Badia
Lucas Menguado, coordinator

Passeig Maragall
Albert Boada, coordinator


Costa Ponent II

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