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Dr. Ernest Vinyoles is the director of the IDIAP Jordi Gol Agency of Clinical Research Management in Primary Care (AGICAP), an organisation for the promotion and management of drug clinical trials.

With over 340 investigators across the whole Catalan territory accredited with experience in clinical trials (GPs, paediatricians, gynaecologists, orthopaedics and trauma surgery specialists, pharmacologists, nurses), the AGICAP can reach up to 87% of the population.

The ‘primary care clinical research management agency’ is the part of the IDIAP J. Gol devoted to the promotion and management of clinical trials with drugs.

Our certified investigators’ network endorses the success of enrollment in your clinical trial.
We offer both promoters and CROs a sole ethics committee, fast recruiting, data quality, faster paperwork, and overall quickness in the process. Besides, we take care of the necessary authorizations, write contracts and clear the proper payments.

Our coverage includes 87% of the total population (7 M) of Catalunya: hundreds of thousands of patients, from which to select candidates for your clinical trials.



  • Promotion of high standard clinical trials in primary care in Catalonia.
  • To advise the sponsor of the clinical trial on the feasibility of the project, as well as the technical, scientific, administrative and collaborative aspects.
  • Planning and implementation of clinical trials originating from the AGICAP network and from external sponsors, prior approval by the IDIAP Jordi Gol Clinical Research Ethics Committee.
  • Training in clinical trials for primary health care professionals. 
  • To further collaborations amongst the network’s investigators.
  • To encourage and coordinate the exchange of ideas, research projects and research priorities in primary care in Catalonia.
  •  The quest for quality in format of clinical trials in primary care in Catalunya.
  • The complete support to the promoter of clinical trials, concerning the viability as well as the technical, scientific, and administrative suitability.
  •  The planning and implementation of clinical trials, both intra- and extra- murals, previously approved by the Ethics Committee of the foundation.
  •  The training of primary care professionals for research with clinical trials.

  •  The promotion of inter-services’ collaboration across the public network.

  •   The overall support to the free flow of research ideas, projects, abilities and needs in primary care in Catalunya.

Our experience

Our experience

A majority of clinical trials belong to phase III (n=396)

assajos clinics

AGICAP has experience in recruiting for clinical trials in usual pathologies in Primary Care (1996-2013, n=396 CT)

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 About 340 investigators credited by AGICAP work actually in different fields of Primary Care.


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